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ultimate time traveler


sikhote alin russian meteorite from 1947 set in textured sterling silver and 18 kt gold. adorned wi...
price: $3800.00

square sikhote heavy ring


sikhote alin meteorite from 1947, set in a heavy man's ring in textured sterling and 18 kt gold...
price: $775.00

meteorite ring sticks and stones style


square cut gibeon meteorite that has been "etched" so that crystals separate to form beaut...
price: $525.00

meteorite ring archer style


rare muonionalusta meteorite found in sweden 1906 cut in rectangle and set in heavy sterling silver ...
price: $525.00

meteorite buckle ring


rare meteorite muonionalusta found in sweden in1906. etched to form fine octahedrite pattern. cut in...
price: $625.00

meteorite time traveler ring


sikhote alin russian meteorite from 1947 in heavy sterling and 18 kt gold setting. multiple texture...
price: $575.00

metoerite wizard ring


two large thumbprint russian meteorites (sikhote alin 1947) in sterling silver wide band using mult...
price: $1800.00

square meteorite ring


square sikhote alin russian meteorite ring with textured sterling  medium width tapered band. t...
price: $575.00


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